Release Note: (Version - 2.0.0)

Posted on: 11/3/2018 2:14:20 AM
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Release Note – Version 2.0.0

Admin Role


  1. Email Change functionality has been enhanced. Now, an email notification is forwarded to both emails (old and new ones) when an email field is updated. Admin Email on Step-1 of Settings page is the email address you use to log into the iCare application.
  2. Reconciliation option for unwanted charges has been introduced in the Prepaid Hours (PPH) module. You may re-bill for missing or unnecessary charges.
  3. Rate-chart Setup page has been introduced. Using this you may custom create your special rate-charts using various factors and billing periods. Click to know more.
  4. Manage Sites (Site Management) module on Step-1 of Settings page has been modified for a better usability. All admins and staff can see data of the sites they are assigned to. And, data on all reports filter according to the selected site from the Profile drop-down. Click to know more.
  5. Payment planning to charge fee has been introduced to divide up the annual tuition fee in various number of periods using Payment Plan feature. This feature is accessible from Program/Class details page. Click to know more.
  6. Enable/Disable Payment Modes has been added in payment processing. You may now, enable the online payment modes you wish to use for your center using this feature from Step-6 on Settings page. Click to know more.
  7. Context Sensitive Help has been introduced in this release. Simply click the ? icon from Universal Toolbar to enable/disable context sensitive for this report you are on. Click to know more.
  8. Skip Billing feature has been added in the Accounting module. Skip bills for Fixed (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly) bills for various periods. You may access the Skip Billing setup from Step-6 on Settings page. Click to know more.
  9. Un-void feature has been introduced in the Accounting module. You may un-void charges that were accidentally voided from the Transactions ledger using the unvoid icon on hovering on the voided transaction entry.
  10. Emergency Contacts Flag has been introduced on Add Child form. If the Emergency Contact flag is On (from Advanced Settings page), Emergency Contact flag will appear on the Add Child form.
  11. Lobby Passwords (LPs) on Add Child Form now populate automatically when the First and Las Name fields are added.
  12. ELDS templates have been added in the Journal module. This template is designed as per the state guidelines. 
  13. Print Statement and Recalculate Balance options have been added in the Action menu on Child Profile Ledger. Print Statement option can be used to print the statement for last 30 days. Recalculate Balance feature is used to recalculate the balance for any miscalculations that may have risen from unavoidable errors.
  14. Custom Billing feature under Action menu on all pages has been enhanced for a better usability. 
  15. Email notifications are forwarded to the users when there are changes made in profile info.
  16. Account Ledger button has been added on Drop-in page. Using this button, you may view the transaction ledger of the selected payer for last 30 days.
  17. You may now create or request queries for Custom Reports in iCare Report Center. Click to know more.
  18. Billing Rates Report has been added to all user-accounts that use Rate-chart based billing.
  19. PPH (Prepaid Hours) Setup Report has been introduced. Using this report, you may view the summary of PPH Packages bought by various parents.
  20. PPH Balance Report has been introduced to let you view the Prepaid Hours Balance for all families.
  21. Attendance Change History for Children and Staff has been introduced in the Attendance section of the Report Center.

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