How to manage Sites in iCare? What are corporate and operational (regular) sites?

Posted on: 9/15/2018 3:44:59 AM
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Sites are branches of a center at various locations.

There are two types of sites in iCare,

  1. Corporate Site: is assigned to the Center Admin by default using which they see the collective data of all sites in on single login. Corporate Sites can also be assigned to staff. Corporate site is the Site (99).
  2. Operational/Regular site: Regular Sites are the sites in which children and staff are registered and when a regular site is selected, only that sites data appears in the login session. All sites except Site (99) are regular (non-corporate) sites.

NOTE: Staff from one site cannot see data of the other sites until they are assigned to the Corporate Site (99)


  • When a staff is assigned to a corporate site, they may see the data from all other sites as per their user-role. Staff/admin of the corporate site can view site data separately using the Profile drop-down menu.

  • To assign a staff to a corporate site, navigate to their profile page and edit the Site Id info to Site (99).


  • Staff assigned to a regular site can see data of that site only. They do not have access to the Profile drop-down menu.

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