How to create or request queries for Custom Reports in iCare?

Posted on: 11/2/2018 2:57:33 AM
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Click here or below link to see the help video on using Custom Report in iCare,

Creating or requesting queries for Custom Reports in iCare is very easy. Log in to your iCare account, navigate to the Report Center, and follow these simple instructions,

  1. Click the Add Custom Report link

  1. Add Custom Report pop-up will appear on your screen. Select an existing custom report from the Select Custom Report drop-down. Or, simply describe the report you wish to create and click Request Query link.

  1. If you know the query to generate a report, simply type it over and click Test/Run Query. Check the output and click Export to download the report.

  1. To add the report to iCare Report Center, name the report, select the group to add it to, add a description, and click Save.

  1. Custom Report will be added in the specified group under the Custom Reports section.

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