GETTING STARTED GUIDE: How do I get started with journaling in iCare?

Posted on: 3/25/2016 2:29:25 PM
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What it is

The journal is children's diary written by teachers for the parents. Parents can only read, they cannot write. A journal entry has the following features:
  • Category (Examples: older children - homework, reading, math skills, chess lesson; younger children - circle time activity, toilet training, motor skills)
  • Date and time (when the even happened)
  • Duration (how long it took; for example, played soccer for 1 hour)
  • Note (descriptive text written by the teacher)
  • Assessment (how well the child did; for example, A, outstanding, needs improvement)
This is how it works:

View Mode

  • Click on the Journal. It will open in the View Mode
  • There are two views - DAY and WEEK
  • Day view is the 'daily report' organized chronologically showing the details - date, time, duration, note and assessment
  • Week view is a calendar providing showing the note in a very short brief

Add Mode

Only teachers have access to this mode.
  • When in the Journal click on Add
  • Select a Category
  • Change date, time and duration if needed
  • Start typing the note (system will search for previously written notes)
  • You can type the complete note or tap on an existing note to reuse it
  • If desired, select an Assessment
  • Click on Post

Categories Setup

Categories are required to add journal entries.
  • In Add Mode, click on the Settings Wheel icon
  • Add, edit or remove categories

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