How to manage Required (Electronic) Documents in iCare?

Posted on: 1/25/2019 3:50:45 AM
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iCare provides Electronic Document feature to handle digital document, scanned versions of original document. Admin/Staff can enter instruction for documents to be submitted by Parents.

Steps for accessing Electronic documents:

  1. Under Child Profile Page, Click on Electronic Document.

2. Click on Add Document.

3. Enter the Document Name.

4. We have two options.

  • Parent to fill and Upload a form – Admin can enter the instruction for the documents needed. These instructions will be shown to parent, under Parent Login. Parent has to download the Form sent by the School/center, and then they have to fill and Upload the form.

  • Parent to upload the Scanned document - Parents has to upload the scanned document.

5. Once when the parent uploads the documents, the status will be shown as Complete.

6. iCare provides Admin to Edit and delete the Electronic documents and you can Add documents as required by using Add document button.

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