Reports for Electronic Documents in iCare.

Posted on: 2/9/2021 7:56:31 AM
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While adding new Electronic documents, we have added a new flag - Signature required. When this flag is ON, it will ask for the Parent’s signature while they are uploading documents or responding to a google form.

There are two reports for the Electronic Document in iCare.

1. Electronic Document - Parent Signature.
2. Electronic Documents - Status

1. Electronic Document - Parent Signature

This report will show the signature of the parent while they are uploading the document or entering responses through the google form.

Note: You can also view this report under Report center->Childcare+ tab->Electronic Document Parent Signature

2. Electronic Documents - Status

This report will show the status of the electronic document whether they are Complete/Incomplete for the respective child.

Note: You can also view this report under Report center->Children tab->Electronic Documents - Status





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