Can I delete children and staff from my database?

Posted on: 5/16/2017 10:11:37 AM
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Yes, you may delete children and staff from your database using the Action menu. iCare provides a data protection feature, which allows you to soft delete any unwanted data which has been saved. This enables security and protection of data once entered in iCare database.

Log in to your iCare account and follow these simple instructions,

  1. On Children/Staff listing page, select the child/staff you wish to delete using the check-box column.

  1. Navigate to the Action menu and select Delete/Deactivate option. Delete/Deactivate pop-up will appear on your screen, check the Delete option and confirm.

  1. Selected child/staff will be deleted from your database. And, deleted children/staff can be viewed from the Global Search bar in the Universal Toolbar.

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