How a parent can set the direct deposit(recurring payment)?

Posted on: 10/7/2021 4:53:46 AM
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Direct Deposit (DD): Direct Deposit is a payment feature in iCare to set recurring payments for parents using credit cards or ACH accounts. 

Direct deposit can be set by both admin and parents from all pages using the 'Payment' button. Set a processing period (One-time, Monthly, Semi-monthly, Weekly, biweekly), next processing date, and end date for the Direct Deposit.


Follow these instructions to set up a DD account and handle recurring payments in the web,

1. Log in to the iCare application. Click the 'Payment' button and navigate to the ‘Direct Deposit’ section.

2. On the direct deposit section, you can select the type of card, amount to be processed, account, processing period, and processing data.

Mobile app:

Direct Deposit (DD): Parents can set recurring payments using their credit cards or ACH accounts after adding the card details. 

1. Under the Payment Methods, you can see the “Direct Deposit” options. Expand it and click on the “Add Direct Deposit” button.

2. On the direct deposit page, you can select the Account/Card, and enter the amount to be processed, the processing period, and the end date. Click on the “Save” button.




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