Getting started: How do I get started?

Posted on: 2/1/2017 2:16:11 AM
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Getting Started

Check your inbox for iCare login credentials. Use the credentials to log in and follow the instructions below:

Complete basic setup

Fill out the information in the software setup to start using iCare to run your center.

  1. Go to the Settings module at the bottom left of the page and fill out the required information in Steps one through seven.
    Please fill the following:
    1. Admin and center email IDs
    2. Age-based room if you offer childcare programs (Go to Settings >> Step two)
  2. To create Programs/Classes: Go to Settings>>Step three.
  3. To invite parents and staff to add details to the database, import details from existing data in Excel sheets (only for family data) or enter details manually: Go to Settings >> Step four.
  4. To Enroll Children and Staff: Go to Settings>> Step five. Click on the Program/Class name to enroll children and staff.
  5. Set up automated payment processing: Go to Settings >> Step 6.
  6. To set up the Lobby: Go to settings >> Step 7.


Journal, Photos and Chat

  1. Journal: A teacher and admin can post notes in a child’s journal, which the parents can view.
    1. Select children displayed on the left-side. Go to ‘General Note’ – a settings icon will appear next to it. You can add a journaling category to a group or class from here.
    2. Select children >> Select category from the drop down list >> Write a note and click post.
    3. To add duration to a note: Select time from the select-list box on top right and duration in minutes from the box next to it.
    4. To view old entries select time frame from the ‘This Week’ option.


  1. Photos: A teacher can take photos and share them with parents from any tablet or phone.
  2. Chat: Admin, teachers and parents can chat with each other at any time.
  1. Select child/staff name from the list >> Type message and click send


Setting up the Lobby for attendance:

Choose a device – tablet, laptop or desktop – on which to run your Lobby.

  1. On the device, open an Internet browser and enter the URL: iCare URL.
  2. Enter your admin email address and password and click on Open Lobby.
  3. Now parents and staff can check-in and out using their log-in credentials.


Use the Dashboard to see how you are doing:

  1. Go to Home and select Dashboard.
  2. You will get a summary of all the operational areas.
  3. Click on an area to review its details.

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