Our center is contracted with a service provider Bright Horizons. Our Center Director will get an email from Bright Horizons with a Case number with the following information: Parent Name, Child(rens) Name(s) with all their age, DOB, allergies….. and date/hours of attendance. The email will be received anywhere from 5 hours to months in advance. Our Center Director adds the child(ren) to the requested day(s) The Family attends for the time(s) allotted on the day(s) reserved They check out and do not have to pay for the time they attended Periodically (at least monthly) an Invoice in an excel worksheet is submitted to Bright Horizons for reservations that have been completed. The rate for each child is invoiced is $115, no matter how long the child(ren) attend. In essence a “Full-Day Fixed Rate”. 15-30 days after the submission Bright Horizons sends a check for the Invoiced amount (sometimes there are adjustments). How should this be setup within iCare?

Posted on: 3/22/2019 3:49:59 PM
Replied by : Umesh@icaresoftware.com

It is pretty straightforward:

  • Create a program called 'Bright Horizon'
    • With a daily rate of $115 based on schedule.
    • $115 per scheduled day will bill automatically.
  • Add a family with Bright Horizon* as the Main Contact and relationship as Guardian.
    • Add each Bright Horizon child as a sibling in this family.
  • Because the day is scheduled, that day will not bill in the Drop-in Page.
  • When payments are received enter them under Bright Horizon.
  • Periodically, as needed, email the account statement to Bright Horizon.
* On the other hand, if you want to enter each child's family then they should add Bright Horizon as a subsidy.

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