EXPLAINER: How does the Billing Grid work?

Posted on: 1/19/2016 1:16:34 PM
Replied by : team-dev@icaresoftware.com

The Billing Grid displays all the charges for your center.

1. Go to Accounting option in the left side navigation menu. Click on the sub-option Billing Grid. 

2. When you hover the cursor over a row in Billing Grid, you will get the option to See Details, Edit, Add and Delete the record in that row.

3. Click on See Details to view, edit and delete Next Billing Date for the selected record.

4. To bill a parent, select a child name from the list and click on Bill Now.

5. Click on Continue to post the bill to the Transactions page.

6. A message-window confirming the transaction will appear. Click on the link in the message-window to view details of the posted transaction. The details of the billed amount (till current date) will pop up for you to review.

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