Is there a spot to enter subsidy payments? (Vouchers through the county)

Posted on: 5/3/2017 8:31:38 AM
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Yes, you may enter subsidized payments or split bills for a Family Account by following these instructions;

  1. Log in to your iCare account as an Admin and navigate to the Billing Grid under Accounting tab. On the Billing Grid, hover your mouse on a bill entry and click See Details that appears on hovering.

  1. You’ll now see a pop-up window on your screen with the transaction details and the Split option, click Split button,

  1. Split pop-up will appear, select the Payer/Subsidy from the drop-down, enter the amount to split and hot enter to save. Or, click (+) icon to add new subsidy.

  1. Split bills are added to the Billing Grid.



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