Virtual Classroom Accounting - Attendance and Billing.

Posted on: 4/25/2020 9:12:09 PM
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Virtual Classroom Attendance

Admin /Teachers can manage attendance easily in iCare.

When a child joins a class, the child will be automatically checked-in for the class, and when the class ends the child will be checked-out.

To view the attendance,

  • Click on the Attendance from the left navigation panel.


To know more about managing Attendance click on the below links,

Virtual Classroom Billing

iCare provides a very flexible billing setup. It includes flexible periods billing such as:

  • Monthly, Weekly –fixed, Hourly by attendance, Hourly beyond exact/total scheduled hours, Daily by attendance/schedule, Daily beyond exact/total scheduled days.

Steps for Billing in iCare

1. Create Programs/Classes for Virtual Classroom in iCare.


 2. Enroll the Children in the Virtual Class.

3. Children will be having a schedule, the billing grid for the enrolled Program/Class, and they will be charged automatically based on the schedule and attendance.


4. The charges/payments can be viewed from Child profile> Ledger.


Snippets of Billing grid with different billing periods






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