How admin can apply privacy settings globally for secondary contacts?

Posted on: 12/2/2020 8:24:04 AM
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In Privacy, a new option has been introduced to manage privacy flags globally for All Parents(Father and Mother) and other Secondary contacts. 

This option is available under Setting-> Advanced settings->Privacy

Note: This global flag is shown only for admins, not for parents.

There are two tabs under the privacy:

1. All Parents:

The Flags under the All parents tab will give privilege to the mother or father who is a secondary contact for the child. Turning ON the flag will share the children's information with secondary contact.

If needed the main contact can change their rights as needed.

2. Other Secondary Contacts:

Admin can set rights globally to all secondary contacts(Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather, Grandmother, Neighbor, etc) except father and mother by using the flags under the other secondary contacts.

These privacy settings will be the default when you add a new secondary contact

Also, if the admin wants to change the privacy settings to all contacts, make changes and click on Apply to all existing families. These settings will be applied to all the contacts

You can also set your privacy option on the child profile page. Click here to know about that.

The Privacy flag is also available while adding a new contact. By clicking on the Privacy icon, you can see the flags and if needed you can turn ON/OFF flags.

Even after the admin sets the access right, the main contact can change the rights for Sec. contact from the child profile page, using the shield icon near the contact name.

A green color shield shows - privacy information is shared 

An Empty shield means information is not shared.

The flag settings can be changed for individuals if needed and they can change from the child profile page using a privacy shield icon. It will not affect global settings.






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