How to manage Privacy Options for secondary contacts in iCare?

Posted on: 9/6/2018 3:22:26 AM
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Click here or below link to see the help video on managing Privacy Options in iCare,

iCare provides Privacy Options feature which adheres information sharing restrictions. Main contact of a child can restrict the secondary contacts from viewing the child profile, ledger, photos, journal reports, and chat communication with teachers.

Main contact alone has the rights to set the privileges for accessing photos, journal and chat communication for secondary contacts. To enable Privacy, log in to your account and follow these simple instructions,

  1. Navigate to your child’s profile and click on the privacy icon from the Contacts widget-box.

NOTE: All privacy flags are Off by default.

  1. Turn the 'Allow Secondary Contacts to see my family data' flags On and select the secondary contacts to give access rights of your child’s data. Click Save to finish.


          Flag 1: Allow Secondary Contacts to see Family data

                    => When the flag is on, selected Secondary contacts will be able to access the Child profile, their own Ledger and Main contact’s Ledger.

                    => When main contact logins in, they will be able to see only their ledger not secondary contacts.

Flag 2: Select Secondary contacts to Share your child’s Journal with

When this flag is On, selected secondary contacts will be able to access child’s Journal.

Flag 3: Select Secondary contacts to share your child’s Photos with

When this flag is On, selected secondary contacts will be able to access the photos in which the child is tagged.

Flag 4: Select Secondary Contacts to let them chat with Teachers

When this flag is On, selected secondary contacts will be able to chat with the child’s teacher.

Flag 5: Share my contact info with Parent’s in my Child group

When the Flag is On, parents of other children from child’s room will be able to view your email ID and phone numbers from the Classroom Contacts List Report.

NOTE: List of the contact details of parents who turned the Flag 4 On, will be available in iCare Report Center under Children tab.

  1. On saving, the selected secondary contacts will have access to the information linked to the privacy flag.

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