GETTING STARTED GUIDE: How does the Report Center work? What reporting features are there in iCare?

Posted on: 2/2/2017 3:15:39 PM
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Report Center (RC) is a collection of secondary reports. You may analyze enrollment, attendance, accounting and staffing data of your center by running these reports.

Various reports are available under following sections;

1. Children: Children-specific reports.

2. Staff: Staff-specific reports.

3. Enrollment: Programs/Classes and enrollments reports.

4. Attendance: Attendance related reports.

5. Accounting: Accounting reports.

6. Childcare: Parent-teacher communication reports.


1. To navigate to the Report Center (RC) either click the RC shortcut icon in the Universal Toolbar or next to the page heading.


2. In Report Center, you may search any report using the search box and navigate to any section to run various reports.


3. To run a report, select a section heading and click on the report name or ‘Run’.


4. You may modify or export data in the reports using the Settings toolbar,


Various reports in iCare,

1. Children:

i. Children

ii. Children’s Age Projection

iii. Future Registrations

iv. Dropped Children/Alumni List

v. Children’s Weekly Schedules

vi. Children’s Schedule History

vii. Room Planning Report

viii. Slot Availability by Rooms and Classes




ii.Staff Weekly schedules



i. Programs/Classes

ii. Enrollment Summary

iii. Enrollment History

iv. Dropped Enrollments

v. Enrollment



i. Attendance

ii. Late Check-ins

iii. Late Pick-ups

iv. Absences

v. Sign-in Sheet

vi. Attendance Billing Report

vii. Staff Payroll Report

viii. Weekly Attendance Summary Report



i. Balances

ii. Transactions

iii. Billing Grid

iv. Recurring Payments

v. Aging Report

vi. Expiring Credit Cards

vii. Payment Listing

viii. Yearly Tax Statement

ix. Declined/Settled Payments

x. Account Statement

xi. Total Charges/Credits Report

xii. Fee Projection

xiii. Billing Projection

xiv. Billing Rates



i. Journal Summary

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