Does iCare Journaling include early learning and development guidelines? For example, GELDS - Georgia, WELDG - Washington, and the Maria Montessori Method.

Posted on: 9/11/2018 10:58:17 AM
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To use iCare Journaling Early Learning and Development Guidelines

1. Click on the Activities Tab, Click on child(ren)s name.
2. Click inside the 'What did we do' box
3. Click on the settings icon to open templates.


There are two options available in the iCare Journaling early learning and development guidelines,

  1. Add: To add all templates in already existing templates.
  2. Replace: To replace with all the existing templates.

NOTE: - Every State has its own set of Early Learning and Development guidelines (ELGs) which are stated by State Superintendent of Public Instruction. At this time, all 56 States and Territories have developed ELGs for preschool children.

Choose Template

Use this "Choose Template" drop down to choose from various available ELGs templates of each state.


Add or Replace Template

Choosing a template will open a pop up which shows brief information about template and gives two options through which we can either add the categories of the selected ELG to existing categories or replace it with existing categories.


Choose Category

When we select any category from the drop-down, list of notes belonging to that category and program age group will be displayed from which we can pick any note and then we can edit the note if required before posting it.


Note Information icon

You can click on information icon which is visible when there is any information available related to the note selected.

After clicking this information icon a pop up displays information associated to the selected note.

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