GETTING STARTED: How do I create Programs and Classes and what is the difference between the two?

Posted on: 4/25/2017 2:46:46 AM
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Steps to create Program/Class:

  1. Click on Programs/Classes option in the left navigation menu bar. Or click on the URL:
  2. Click on Add New button.
  3. Select your center site id.
  4. Under the Room option – if you select ‘Not-specified’ the created room becomes a Class. If you select other than ‘Not-specified’, then it becomes a program.
  5. Fill-out the required details and choose the Parent Options.
  6. If you select ‘ON’ in the Parent Options that means you are giving the specified rights to parents. Selecting ‘OFF” means you are restricting these rights.
  7. Click Save when finished.

The key difference between Programs and Classes is that Programs have rooms and classes don’t have rooms.

Major difference between Program and Class for parents and other admin:

  • Programs will be visible to those parents who are enrolled in the same room.
  • Classes will be visible to all users.

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