What are session based programs? How to manage them in iCare?

Posted on: 3/4/2019 6:42:37 AM
Replied by : support@icaresoftware.com

In addition to the ongoing Program/Class (P/C) functionality, iCare has recently introduced Session-based Programs/Classes (P/Cs).

Features introduced in Session-based (P/Cs),

  1. Create multiple sessions under one P/C.
  2. Each session has its own capacity, schedule Start & End Date.
  3. Schedules can be common or different for each session.
  4. Default bills can also be common or different for each session. Separate bills can be added to each session from the Single Edit page (explained later in this doc.) and will be visible on single edit page.
  5. At present, Children/staff can be enrolled in the sessions from Single Edit Page only.


Session-based P/C facilitates you to create multiple sessions under one program/class. Log in to your iCare account, navigate to the Programs/Classes page and follow these simple instructions to create a session-based program,

  1. Click the Add New button.
  2. On add program/class form, select the Session Based option and add sessions to the program by adding the P/C Capacity, Session Name, Start & End Date, and clicking the Create New Session button. Add a common schedule and default bill to the program.
    Note: this schedule and default bill will be common to all sessions.
  3. Added sessions will appear in the session list as shown in below snip.


  1. Sessions appear as separate programs under Programs/Classes lists. In the Program/Class column, programs name is followed by the session name in closed brackets. You may edit a session separately or all sessions collectively by clicking on the Program/Class name and choosing the appropriate option out of,
  • View/edit this session
  • View/edit all the program sessions of all sites
  • View/edit all the program sessions for this site
  1. To view details of the program, hover on the program/class row and click the See Details options.

  1. SINGLE EDIT PAGE: To edit a session or enroll children/staff in it.
  • To edit a session separately, click the first option from the edit menu.
    Session details page will open up as existing program/class details page with name of the session that is opened.
  • You may edit the schedule start and end time, and default bills of the session.

  1. COMMON EDIT PAGE: To edit common schedule and default bills of sessions.
  • To edit all sessions, choose the third option from edit menu.
  • Sessions that are edited separately are disabled on the common page.
  • You may reset the Start/End Time and Default Bills of the disabled session by using the reset button in Edit/Delete column.
  • Default Bills added separately will not appear on the common session page.

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