How to manage the UDF section in iCare?

Posted on: 1/30/2023 8:50:21 AM
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To add UDF, please log in to your iCare account with your admin credential and follow these instructions:

Visit the child’s profile page and navigate to the User-defined fields (UDFs) section under Profile Tab. Click Add New Section to add a new UDF section or click an existing UDF section heading to expand fields. 

To add a new UDF section, enter a heading in the input box and click the checkmark to save. Please refer to the below article to know about how to add the UDF fields.

i) To put spaces in the UDF header and UDF Fields:

UDF Header:

1. Click on the edit icon in the UDF header, and under the Caption enter the UDF name with the spaces as needed, and now the UDF name will show in spaces.

UDF Fields:

1. Click on the Setting icon and under the Caption. Enter the UDF field name as you need with the spaces.

How to set specific UDF fields mandatory during the registration process:

1. Set "Isrequired" as YES for the field which is mandatory during the registration process under the settings.

The asterisk * symbol is shown for all mandatory UDF fields.

Hide UDF from parents:

1. Some UDFs are used for internal center-specific purposes/admin, those UDF fields will be hidden from parents. Set YES for the UDF field which you want to hide from the parent under the column “Hide for parents”.

2. In the UDF settings icon, you can add descriptions to each UDF field, the user can control the display order of the UDF field and delete the field.




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