How can the user transfer the payment from the Ledger to Deferred Deposit?

Posted on: 4/2/2021 6:59:25 AM
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1. On the Children page -> Ledger,  hover the mouse over the payment which you need to move to Deferred Deposit.

2. Under the payment, click on See Details. which will show the option for moving the payment to Deferred Deposit.

3. Select the “Move to Deferred Deposit” button, and click on the Continue button.

4. Then the amount will be moved to the Deferred Deposit.

Note: During the payment process itself you can directly make a Deferred deposit by enabling the Deferred deposit checkbox in the SPF form. Please makesure whether the Deferred Deposit setup should be ON from the Settings step 6

Refer to this article to known about the Deferred Deposits in iCare.


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