Release Note - Version 2.1

Posted on: 1/10/2019 11:54:14 PM
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  1. Rate-chart Setup page: Factor Setup pop-up for each factor was modified. Adding factor values from the pop-up and auto-cascading of the values in the grid was implemented in this release. Advanced Filtering option was also added in the rate-chart grid. 
  2. Alerts & Notification options: You may set alerts for absence, incomplete immunizations, late fee payments etc. from the Advanced Settings page and view the children list for alerts from Home page under Alerts tab.
  3. Role Management: was introduced in this application update. Setup various user-roles for your center and grant access permissions to various pages & features using Role Management. This feature is available on Settings page, right next to the Advanced Settings button. Click here to know more.
  4. My Account page: You may now upgrade your subscription plan to 2-Year or 3-Year as well.
  5. Site Management: was introduced for all secondary reports under iCare Report Center. Admins of a particular site can view only their assigned site’s data.  
  6. Single Payment Form (SPF): On payment form (SPF), Payment (Ledger) Date field was added. Using this field, you may set the payment date when making payments for past or future dates which will be the date of the Date column in transactions/ledger grids.
  7. Delete/Deactivate Contact pop-up accessible from Child Profile page has been enhanced for a better usability.
  8. Mailing Labels: Two report, Mailing Labels for Parents and Mailing Labels for Staff were introduced in iCare Report Center under Children and Staff sections respectively.
  9. Design of Schedules tab on Child Profile page has been enhanced for a better usability.
  10. Curriculum Setup: Curriculum mapping with multiple Programs/Classes has been introduced in this update. Assign various P/Cs to curriculum from the Curriculum setup page under Journal section.
  11. Billing reconciliation for attendance-based bills has been introduced. On editing or adding new attendance entries for already posted bills, automatic reconciliation of the bills occurs and updates the transaction Ledger.

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