How does the signature capture feature work in the iCare mobile app?

Posted on: 3/1/2023 3:01:43 AM
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Using the Signature Capture feature in iCare, you can capture the signatures of users who check-in/out the child. This feature is available in the Mobile app, iCare Lobby, or Attendance page for audit trails.

1. Parent/staff needs to enter their signature at the time of check-in/out of their children. 


2. When they click on the Check-in button, the signature capture pop-up will appear. A parent needs to enter their signature. After capturing the signature, the child will be checked in.

3. During check-out, the user needs to enter their signature again.

Note: The admin needs to turn ON the "Signature Capture flags" as per their requirements.

Please refer to the below to know about how to turn on the signature capture flag.



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