We round to the nearest quarter-hour, so if it is 7 minutes or less it rounds down, and 8 minutes or more it rounds up. So for example, a parent clocking in at 8:05 would round back to 8:00, but a parent clocking in at 8:08 would round forward to 8:15. The state requires our billing be in quarter-hour increments and it would be a LOT of work to manually change these for that to line up, and it also prevents paying overtime for only a couple of minutes prior to or past a clock in/out time. In iCare would the cut-off be set at 7 minutes or 8 minutes? It just needs to round to the nearest quarter hour, so I don't really understand what it means by cutoff minutes. That is a bit confusing to me.

Posted on: 4/1/2019 3:27:39 PM
Replied by : support@icaresoftware.com

Dear User,

The settings for Attendance Round-up Options on Settings >> Step-6 in your account is set correctly. When the Cut-off Mins are set to 7, at the end of the seventh minute the time automatically rounds up to the next quarter.

Click here to see the help article on using Attendance Round-up Options in iCare. 

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