Release Note: Version 4.6

Posted on: 6/3/2020 9:29:33 AM
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Release Version 4.6

Few enhancements have been done in this release:

Admin Role

1. Payment Form - The Payment Form has a new and improved user-interface. A new page for managing cards has been added. Through this page you can do the following:

  • Activate or deactivate cards (this was earlier called hide and unhide)
  • See associated Direct Deposits
  • Add a new card
  • Set default card


2. Direct Deposits - Under Direct Deposits, few enhancements have been added.

  • No of payments pending
  • No of payment processed
  • Closed DDs (ended or terminated) can now be seen by checking the flag.


3. Service Fee- Earlier the Service Fee was charged at the time of posting the charges. This is now charged with the payment. Click here to know more about Service Fee.



4. Deferred Deposit - A new flag has been added under Setting>Step -6>Deferred Deposit Setup. If you want to process Deferred Deposit, turn on this flag.[Note: By default, the flag is off].


Bug fixes

Schedules - While editing Schedule Start date, End date, or Discharge date few cascading fixes have been done and improved user-friendly pop-up confirmation messages.


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