Release Note: Version 4.3 and 4.4

Posted on: 5/19/2020 10:26:51 AM
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Monthly Subsidy report:

  • Filtering based on Program type has been implemented in the Monthly subsidy report.

Enrollment Process:

  • Entering a date on enrollment pop-up is done based on the Program Start date.
  • When the Program Start date is on Future, Enrollment pop-up will show the Start date On Program Start date.
  • When the Program Start date is on Pat, Enrollment pop-up will open with Today’s date

Undo and Overwrite time feature:

  • In Lobby>Batch check-in/check-out process Undo feature and Overwrite time feature has been implemented.



Following are the key enhancements introduced with this update:

iCare introduces Fuzzy Search: Admin, parent, and staff can use fuzzy search.

  • Fuzzy Search will return a list of results based on the likelihood of misspelled words. Meaning, it will find words that are closely matching in spelling with the word that has been typed. Exact and highly relevant matches appear near the top of the list. 

Email/print Statement:

  • Child Profile>Ledger>Action>Email/print Statement option has been added.You can print, export, and Email account statements.

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