We need to fully understand how the Software supports monthly automated billing for PT and FT pickup?

Posted on: 7/3/2020 10:23:36 PM
Replied by : support@icaresoftware.com

Billing is automated in iCare by entering billable schedules for a child. There are 2 methods for scheduling children:

  1. Programs/Classes where you schedule days of a week and recur the weeks from any Start Date to an End Date
  2. Monthly Scheduler where you schedule random days of a month

Weekly Program/Class Model

The main features of this model are:

  • Weekly recurring schedule
  • Billing cycles
    • Flat - onetime, weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, and yearly
    • Hourly and daily by schedule
    • Hourly and daily by attendance
    • Hourly and daily for attendance beyond schedule
  • Billing rates can be a fixed amount or connected to a rate chart
  • Payment plan where typically an yearly amount is broken into predefined amounts and dates
  • Start Date, End Date and Next Billing Date: Indicating when the billing starts, ends, and when the next bill will run
  • Split billing between private and subsidy accounts
  • Discounts and scholarships

Videos on this topic: Automation setup, the billing grid, enrolling children, setting up programs 1, and setting up programs 2.

Monthly Scheduling Model

For the monthly model you can set up types of days; for example, AM, PM, PT, FT and so on. If you have an afterschool program, you can even set up special options for school closing and half days, for instance. Parents can pick different options for each day of the month. For example, a total of 5 PT and 10 FT days in the month. Billing for the scheduled days is handled through a flexible rate chart modeler. 

Video on this topic: Monthly Scheduler

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