Release Note - Version 2.9.4

Posted on: 10/22/2019 7:47:57 AM
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  1. Send Message popup: Sending messages as emails now has an option to send the email to the main contact, all parents, or selected ones.
  2. Service Fee: Service Fee has been modified; now for each charge a service fee entry will be posted on transaction/ child ledger. 
  3. Delete/Deactivate feature: Delete/Deactivate feature has been modified. Options to delete but archive the records or delete the records permanently have been added to the Delete/Deactivate pop-up available on Children page under Action menu.
  4. Income Summary on Accrual Basis (Charges/Credits) Report: Summary report of the total charges and credits on accrual basis. This report can be grouped by Account Name, Program/Class, or Site ID.
  5. Income Summary on Cash Basis (Payments/Refunds) Report: Summary report of total payments and refunds. This report can also be grouped by Account Name, Program/Class, or Site ID.
  6. Registration Fee: 
  7. Slot Scheduling and Reservations: (Add/update/delete staff schedule, Add/update/delete child schedule).

Bug Fixes:

  1. A staff was not appearing on the attendance grid due to a minor bug in the link between the schedules and attendance tables.
  2. On updating the end date of a child, Next Billing Date of their bills were also updating due to which wrong charges were posting on their ledger.
  3. Check-in/out system was not working on a few devices. On clearing the browser cookies and cache memory the system started working fine.

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