How do I make the refund using a cash/check option for all modes of payments (Cash/Check/CC/ACH)?

Posted on: 8/4/2020 8:54:49 AM
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Note: You can make a refund for cash, cheque and online payment(Credit card and ACH) 

1. Log in to your account, navigate to the Transaction page or Children>Ledger, and follow these instructions.
2. Hover your mouse on the child’s Ledger entry you wish to make a refund against. Click See Details from the pop-out at the bottom of the entry.

3. Details of the transaction entry will pop-up on your screen. Click the Cash/Check Refund button to open the refund form.

4. On the Refund form, edit the amount if you wish to refund a partial amount or click the Refund button to initiate the refund. You can make a refund by either using a check or cash.
5. If you are using check then enter the check number and check date, click on Refund button

6. A confirmation receipt will appear on your screen, click Done to continue. A refund entry will be added to the transaction grid.
7. If you are using cash for a refund, then select the cash button and click the refund button.




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