Release Note: Version 6.3.5

Posted on: 3/29/2023 2:46:45 AM
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Advance Settings: We have added a new flag under the Advanced settings> Email notification for secondary contacts. When this flag is ON, the email will be going for the Secondary contacts.

Journal - Incident Report: Added the new flag "Fill incident report and View incident report” for parents and teachers under role management -> journal.

When this Flag is ON then the Incident report option is shown to the teacher and parents.

Program/Classes: We have added a new flag, "Show names of enrolled children to other parents" under the Program/classes page ->Parental options.

=> When this flag is OFF, parents will not see the enrolled child's name in the Program/class pop-up.

=> When this flag is ON, parents can see the children's names enrolled for that specific program.

Bug Fixes:

The wrong message issue has been resolved.

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