Release Note - Version 2.4

Posted on: 5/14/2019 6:53:00 AM
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  1. Program/Class (Week/Day Selection): Create weekly and one-day schedules using the enrollment confirmation pop-up.
  2. Programs/Classes (Temporary & Permanent Changes): Make temporary or permanent changes in existing schedules using the Temporary/Permanent Change option on Child Profile page.
  3. Enrollments for Inactive Children: Create schedules for inactive children without having to activate them.
  4. Batch Edit Rooms: Change the Age-based Rooms for multiple children using the Batch Edit Rooms option under Action menu on Children listing page.
  5. Check-in Tickets: are introduced in Drop-in and Lobby. Turn on the Print Check-in Ticket flag from Step-7 >> Settings page to activate this feature.
  6. Enrollments Report: Enrollment status (Enrolled/Waitlisted) filter button has been introduced to let you filter the current, waitlisted, and future enrollments.
  7. Drop-in page: Options to add a new family have been added on the selection panel. Simply click the + icon to add child/family. Checked-in filter list has also been introduced in the selection panel.
  8. Created By column has been added to the Transactions / Child Ledger to enhance the usability of the reports.

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