How do I link kids without having them as siblings?

Posted on: 9/15/2021 6:42:02 AM
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We did not receive the sibling discount even though we have two children registered.  Can someone please contact me to let me know how to correct this?

iCare Support: Your children have enrolled in Enrichment classes for which no sibling discount has been set. A sibling discount has been set for iCare programs though.

You have reached the software technical support line. We must contact the business office of the provider.

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A mother in one family can be a neighbor in another for the purpose of picking up children. 

For example, Joni and Jackie have a mother, Ellie. And Ellie is a neighbor of the child, Tami, with CanPickUp = True. Then Joni and Jackie will show as siblings but Tami will not be their siblings.

In other words, 2 children connected to the same adult are considered siblings, if their relationship with that adult is mother or father.

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