Release Note Version 5.1.2

Posted on: 12/8/2020 8:11:10 AM
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Attendance page (Inline editing):

  1. Tab key: You can use the tab key for a continuous move between time-in and time-out and if there is any check-in or checkout button is present in the check-in/out cell then that button will be highlighted. 
    If you press enter on that button the child will be checked-in/out with the current time.
  2. Batch check-in/out: Select Program/class is optional and this will show only when the user checks-in the children. When no PC is selected children will be checked-in their enrolled programs.

Fire drill report (Attendance Page): 

  1. Export buttons are added for Children and the Staff under Teacher-Child Live Ratios on the Attendance page.
  2. This report gives you the list of children/staff checked-in with Room, Program, and the time they checked-in for the day.

Billing grid - Bug fixes are done when the user enters schedules manually.

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