Release Note - Version 2.5

Posted on: 7/4/2019 5:46:23 AM
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  1. SERVICE FEE: Service Fee for charges against transactions has been introduced in this release. Service Fee setup is accessible from Advanced Settings page.
  2. MEALS: Track meals served to children using Meals Served option accessible from the universal toolbar. 
  3. BILLING GRID ENHANCEMENTS: Billing Grid has been modified. Period filter has been added to filter the past/current/future and missing bills. 
  4. DISCOUNT TYPE ON PROGRAM/CLASS DETAILS PAGE: Add discount types to various programs/classes. Discount Types are set from the Rate-chart Setup page. 
  5. NSF/CHARGE BACK: NSF/Chargeback options have been added the Transactions/Ledger for payment processing. 
  6. LOBBY MESSAGE REPORT: Lobby messages are recorded in the report available in the iCare Report Center under tab. 
  7. ATTENDANCE MONTHLY SIGN-IN SHEET: Sign-in sheet for monthly attendance has been added. 
  8. STAFF PAYROLL SUMMARY REPORT: is added to track staff attendance for payroll purposes.

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