Release Note Version 4.2

Posted on: 5/11/2020 8:43:38 AM
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Release Version – 4.2.

Following are the key enhancements introduced with this update:

1.Privacy options - Privacy flag enhancement has been done.

  • When any of the flags in the privacy option are ON, then you will be having a green color privacy shield icon over the particular secondary contact. 
  • When flag 5 in the privacy option is ON, you will be notified with an orange color privacy shield icon near the contact tab.

2. Void transaction - Under the child profile Ledger page, we have added a void transaction option.

  • Click on Child->Ledger->Action->void transaction.

3. Lobby portal - Under Lobby for Staff, Attendance report has been added.

  • Login into the lobby with staff credential, under staff page you will be able to see Attendance report of respective staff.
  • You can also use the filter option to select the customize range for the attendance report.

4.Monthly Scheduler - Under Monthly Scheduler, few enhancements have been done.

  •  The calendar events will be shown on the monthly scheduler. When you hover on a particular date, the calendar events for the child will be shown.
  • You can easily select Schedule type using Left fill and Right fill options for Weekly/Monthly selection of schedules.

5. Managing Multiple Email IDs - Multiple Email id inserts issue.

  • When you enter multiple email id with semicolon in the text box and click send invite button, the user notification will be shown“ A Semicolon is not allowed .please separate the email IDs using a comma”.







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