How can I re-activate a returning student? I am unable to change or delete the discharge date.

Posted on: 10/1/2019 12:39:17 PM
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You may re-activate a student using the following methods;

  1. By using the Status column
  2. By updating Discharge Date of the child.

Navigate to Children listing page and follow these simple instructions.

Using Status Column

  • Filter the children list for Inactive children and click the Inactive button under Status column of the child you wish to reactivate.

  • Set a new Start Date and confirm to save. Child will be reactivated from the selected start date.

Updating Discharge Date of the child

  • Navigate to the profile page of the child from children listing page.
  • On Profile tab, hover your mouse on the Discharge Date field and click the edit icon that appears on hover.

  • Edit the discharge date and click the check-mark icon to save. Child will be activated as per their Start Date.

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