How to manage Alerts & Notifications in iCare app?

Posted on: 5/3/2019 3:34:15 AM
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Alerts: To help parents and staff keep up with important information, alerts have been introduced in iCare. Following alerts have been added,

  1. Absence Alert: - alerts for the parents for absent children.
  2. Incomplete Immunizations: - alerts for incomplete immunizations.
  3. Renewal of Medical Records: - alerts for renewing the medical records such as vision test, hearing test, etc.
  4. Required Documents: - alerts for duocuments that are necessary for enrollments.
  5. Late Payment Alert: - alerts for late fee payments.

Notifications: Measure to share the alerts info. Following alerts can be notified as emails in iCare;

  1. Incomplete Immunizations
  2. Required Documents
  3. Renewal of Medical Records
  4. Late Payments

Alerts & Notifications are setup from Advanced Settings page. Login to your iCare account, navigate to the Advanced Settings page and follow these simple instructions.

To Set Up Alerts

  1. Navigate to the Alerts tab and check the alerts you wish to turn on using the check-box column.

  1. Once turned on, alerts are visible on the Alerts tab on the Home (accessible from Left-navigation panel) page and the concerned stakeholders receive these alerts timely.

To Set Up Notifications

  1. On Advanced Settings page, navigate to the Notifications tab and check the alerts you wish to send notifications for. Checked options will forward the timely notifications as per the set up.

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