How to setup rate-chart based billing in iCare?

Posted on: 1/15/2019 5:09:19 AM
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Rate-chart is set up for the childcare centers who have special billing rates based on the conditional factors affecting the calculation of the bills.

Rate-chart Setup page is accessible from Step-6 >> Settings page. Follow these simple instructions to setup your rate-chart,

  1. Navigate to the Rate-chart Setup page by clicking the rate-chart setup page link from Step-6 >> Settings page.

  1. Here, click the Instructions for Rate-chart Setup link to expand the instructions menu and read them carefully. Click the + icon to add a new rate name.

  1. On saving the rate name, factor menu will expand. Select the factors which will be used in the billing process for the rate name and click Apply.

  1. After selecting the factors, click the factor names to set the factor values and once the factor values are set, click Apply. This will auto-populate the grid and reduce the effort of adding rows in the grid and entering values in each row.

  1. Once the rate-chart is set, assign these rates to various programs/classes from Program/Class details page. When children are enrolled in these programs, their bills will be calculated as per the conditions set in the rate-chart.

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