I've been told there are two licensing models - Center and Drop-Ins. What are the financial and configuration differences between the two?

Posted on: 9/8/2019 11:27:49 PM
Replied by : support@icaresoftware.com


Drop-In license:  has no limit on active children but has a limit on number of active children that can attend each day. They can do most of their work through the Drop-In Page.

Center license: has a limit on the number of active children.

NOTE: There is no difference in the available features. Both types (center and drop-ins) can use every feature of iCare.


Follow below links to read more about the features and pricing for each type on iCare website,


Centers: https://www.icaresoftware.com/centers/daycare-center/

Drop-in: https://www.icaresoftware.com/centers/drop-in-care/



Centers: https://www.icaresoftware.com/products/pricing#DaycareCenters

Drop-in: https://www.icaresoftware.com/products/pricing#DropInCenters

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