Credit card or ACH payment processing ERROR CODES. Examples: Error Code 05, Error Code 51, and Error Code 54.

Posted on: 12/12/2019 9:48:52 AM
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Here are the most common TSYS error codes you are likely to see daily:

Code 14 and 15 – Incorrect card number – If any of the digits of the card number are typed incorrectly, you will see either code 14 or 15. Code 14 indicates the first digit is wrong, and code 15 means any other digit is inaccurate.
Code 51 – Insufficient funds – Due to lack of funds, you will see this error when your customer pays for products. Simply ask for an alternative method of payment.
Code 54 – Expired card – Your client’s card can be expired, and the transaction will not be successful.
Code 57 – Transaction not allowed (card issuer) – This happens when a credit card has certain limitations. For example, it might not be allowed to pay internationally.
Code 63 – Wrong security code – The CVV or CV code on the back of the card must be typed correctly to finalize the transition.

For a full list of error code click here.

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