Release Note: Version 2.8

Posted on: 10/18/2019 6:15:07 AM
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  1. Sign in Sheet - Daily Report: Sign-in sheet for daily attendance has been added to the attendance section.
  2. Children Weekly Meal Roll Call -7 Days Report
  3. Help Panel: Enjoy the all new view of the help panel. Search for help articles and videos. Checkout the Getting Started Guides, FAQs, Release Notes, Glossary with just one-click.
  4. Grid Export icon: A shortcut icon has been added in the printing toolbar of Children and Staff pages to export the grid data in excel sheets.
  5. A multi-select drop-down has been added to Add Contacts pop-up to connect siblings for the child with the contact being added. 
  6. Add Notes feature has been added to the Drop-in page. 
  7. Aging Report: Daily filter option has been added to the Aging Report.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Grid view in the Account Statement report was not showing correctly.
  2. Grid view for a few Test/Run Query outputs in Custom Reports was not showing up. The view has been enhanced.
  3. When adding existing main contacts for children, the drop-down list was freezing for a large number of contacts in the database. This drop-down list has been enhanced for better usability.
  4. Payment listing, Attendance, and Account Statement reports were not pulling up data
  5. Send Message as emails was not forwarding the emails. 
  6. Filtering the attendance report for yesterday and today was not filtering the grid correctly.
  7. Few inactive children were appearing in the Direct Deposits report. 
  8. Family balance was appearing incorrect for a few families due to some deleted charges that were added back to the ledger. 
  9. Children Weekly Schedules report was not filtering for future enrollments.
  10. Batch enroll feature was not working due to children who were not having main contacts.
  11. Send message as email was not forwarding to a few users.
  12. Attendance entries were not deleting due to a minor bug in merging code. 
  13. Save button when adding a contact on Add Child form was not responding. 
  14. Adding a contact to children was giving an unexpected error.
  15. Adding a contact to children was giving an unexpected error.
  16. Application and lobby logins were not working due to a problem on one of the servers.
  17. One-time PPH packages were not adding due to a minor bug. 
  18. Wrong children were appearing in the Chat panel. 
  19. ACH payments can now be entered without entering the check number.
  20. Attendance entries for inactive children were not filtering.

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