GETTING STARTED GUIDE: How do I manage my preschool programs?

Posted on: 3/25/2016 2:52:41 PM
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Pre-school programs can be managed with ease in iCare.

  • Create Programs under Age-based Room, set default bills, and enroll children.
  • Bill children manually or automatically by setting up Day-ending billing.

NOTE: If you have special Rate-chart based billing, contact our support team at to provide us with more details or use Flat Rates for billing.

Program Management

  1. To create a Program, navigate to the Programs/Classes (P/C) page and click Add New button. Fill in all the details and click Save to finish adding.

  1. To add staff and enroll children in a Program, navigate to the P/C details page and add staff/children using ‘+’ icon in the Staff and Children boxes.


Billing Setup

To set up Day-ending billing, navigate to Dayending Setup on Step-6 on Settings page. Turn ON Automatic Billing if you wish to bill all the automatically at the end of the day or Turn ON Manual Billing if you wish to bill children manually using the Preview Bill functionality.


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