Release Note Version 5.2.0

Posted on: 12/11/2020 8:47:18 AM
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RELEASE NOTE - VERSION 5.2.0 -Enhancements


Lobby Setup:

  • UDF fields are added under the Lobby portal> Children Registration process. Parents can now enter the Information for the user-defined fields under the Registration tab in the lobby portal.
  • Added number sequencing on the Lobby questions setup.
  • You can add different types of lobby questions with options such as single-select, multi-select, and entering inputs using short description type lobby questions.

Note: Entering inputs(Short answer type) , multi-select option for lobby questions will be updated in the Check-in app in near future.

UDF section:

  • In the Children page, a new type of UDF type is added where users can add multiple choices using the List drop-down option.

Parent Login

Children Registration on the Lobby portal

  • While registering children from the lobby, they can add information for user-defined fields.


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