Release Note: (Version - 1.9.9)

Posted on: 9/18/2018 1:52:31 AM
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Release Note – Version 1.9.9

Admin Role


  1. Deferred Deposits have been introduced. Deferred Deposit is like a wallet (escrow) balance that allows payers to deposit money in their wallets to use it for fee payments in future. Add money to deposits and use them as and when needed. Two reports are introduced to view the deferred deposit transactions,
  • Deferred Deposit Ledger report – all transactions for the Deferred Deposit wallet are recorded in this report.
  • Deferred Deposit Balance report – deferred balance data is recorded in this report.
  1. Prepaid Hours Packages (PPH) have been introduced. Admin creates PPH Packages as per their requirement and then, parents buy those packages for attendance-based bills. This is a feature for the Drop-in module.
  2. Email Change functionality has been modified. Now, the email change function is role-specific. Admin may change email address of all users of the application. Teachers and parents can edit their email addresses only. If Admin changes their own email address and that email exists in iCare then the admin has to go through a verification process to confirm the change.
  3. Journal Templates have been added in the Category settings as per the state government guidelines, to track children’s developmental activities. Simply, add the templates to categories and create notes to keep a track of the childcare activities.
  4. Attendance Round-up Options have been introduced on Step-6 of Settings page. Set Round-up and Cut-off Mins to round-up the attendance for the cut-off minutes.
  5. Advanced Settings has been enhanced for a better usability. In this update we have concentrated on the functionality part of the module. Notifications, User-defined Fields (UDFs), Immunization, and Medical sections of the Advanced Settings page have been stabilized.
  6. Signature Capture feature for children/staff attendance marked by admin or staff on the Attendance page has also been introduced recently. This feature is now stable.
  7. Inactive filter button on Programs/Classes page has been introduced. Using this filter, you may view the inactive PCs and activate them as well.
  8. Signup Process has been enhanced. iCare Sales team helps new users’ signup for trial or live accounts as per their requirements. Contact us at for sales related queries.
  9. UDF section on Child Profile page has been modified. You may now edit and delete fields & sections from the UDFs.
  10. Lobby Answers report has been introduced in the iCare Report Center. Lobby Questions and their corresponding answers can be seen using this report.

Bug Fixes:


  1. Few User-defined Fields (UDFs) were not accepting more than 9 characters. The limit has been increased to 20 characters.
  2. Reset Password link in the Forgot Password email was redirecting to an error page. The link is now redirecting to the correct location.
  3. Adding duplicate Buses with same name was not showing the validation message. Now, the validation appears fine.
  4. Send Message feature was not responding for a few user accounts. A maximum of 45 messages can be sent using the Send Message feature and a note has been added on the Send Message pop-up for the recipient list.
  5. Staff entries for admin of the application have been added to existing user accounts with Admin, Admin as the first & last names. For new databases, a staff entry is added automatically when the account is created.


  1. Loading children list on children page was giving an unexpected issue.
  2. Adding secondary contacts to children was not recognizing email addresses in correct format.
  3. Updating contact info was giving unexpected error on saving the changes. This issue has been resolved.
  4. An exception error was coming up on visiting Child Profile page for a few children.
  5. Editing child schedule from Child Profile page was giving an unexpected error.
  6. Navigating to Child Profile Ledger from Transactions page was giving an unexceptional error.
  7. Removing Due Date for Immunization records was not changing the Due Date back to the previous state. Immunization records are now updating fine.


  1. Navigating to Staff Profile page from Staff listing was giving an unexceptional error for a few user accounts.


  1. Enrollment confirmation popup was showing filled unscheduled days.
  2. Enrollment confirmation popup was showing blank schedule for a few Program/Class schedules.
  3. Navigating to Child Profile form Enrollments report was giving an unexceptional error.


  1. Attendance page was giving an unexceptional error for a few user accounts. 
  2. Updating inline attendance was not recognizing the time string. Attendance entries are now updating fine.
  3. Program/Class (P/C) Name column on attendance page was not listing the child’s P/Cs. Now, P/Cs are listed correctly.
  4. On saving empty Time- in/out fields for attendance records, an unexpected error was appearing.
  5. Attendance was not saving on using Add New button and was giving an error.
  6. Attendance Round-up function was not rounding up the attendance correctly for a few accounts. This issue has been resolved.
  7. Entering two-part attendance is now possible.
  8. Print preview for Last Month filtered data on Attendance page was not showing any data. Now, the data appears fine in the grid.
  9. Attendance page was appearing blank for a few user accounts. This issue has been resolved.
  10. Blank attendance entries were creating on adding new row using Add New button on Attendance page.
  11. Deleted P/Cs were appearing in the P/C drop-down list on Attendance page. Now, active P/Cs only appear in the P/C drop-down.


  1. Deleted Default Bills were adding to the child’s Billing Grid on enrolling them in PCs.
  2. Direct Deposit accounts were not setting up due to an issue with the End Date of the recurring payment.
  3. Payment Processing was not going thru for a few user accounts. Payments are now processing fine.
  4. Family Balances were not displaying correct amount for a few user accounts. This issue has been resolved.
  5. Transactions page was not responding and was giving an unexpected error.
  6. Navigating to Child Profile Ledger from Balances page was giving an error. This has been resolved.
  7. $0 charges were posting on child profile ledger and transactions page. $0 bills will not appear on Billing Grid and no charges will be posted on Transactions/ Child Profile ledger.
  8. Attendance-based bills were not charging for a few user accounts.


  1. Invalid child entry was appearing in the Chat Panel for a few user accounts.

Report Center

  1. Aging Report was not showing the correct amount of fees and was giving an unexpected error. We are working on stabilizing the Aging Report and will keep you informed.
  2. Right-click events on reports under Accounting section were giving an unexceptional error.
  3. Billing Rates report were not pulling any data for a few rate-charts based user-accounts.
  4. Emergency Cards report was not showing correct Mobile Phone numbers. This has been resolved.
  5. Account Statement report was showing the charges for payers that were deleted earlier. These charges have been removed and a condition in the code has been set.
  6. Page break has been added in the Emergency Cards report. If a child has large number of contacts, a page break is introduced after each child listing.
  7. Start Dates in the Billing Grid report were not appearing for a few payers.


  1. Notification flags on Advanced Settings page were not responding. UI/UX has been enhanced for a better usability and the notifications are turning on & off fine.


Parent Role


  1. No major enhancements.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Parents were not able to edit their Email Address and other information from Child Profile page.


Teacher Role


  1. Teachers (staff) cannot see any accounting data of children.

Bug Fixes:

  1. No major bug fixes.


iCare Lobby


  1. Auto-open feature in iCare Lobby has been introduced.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Lobby Passwords were not working for a few parent log ins. This issue came up because the parents got listed as sibling of children.
  2. Lobby Background Image was not uploading for a few user accounts. Image is now uploading fine.
  3. Due to duplicate email Ids in the database, multiple children entries were appearing in the Lobby Login. This came up due to the duplicate ids in Data Import Sheets.
  4. Auto-login for a few user accounts was not opening the lobby and the lobby screen was freezing.
  5. Time-in overlap message in iCare Lobby was not clearly defining the instructions. Validation message has been modified.
  6. Wrong children were appearing in Lobby login for a few parents.
  7. Lobby login on tablet devices was not responding properly. Lobby is now working fine on Tablets and iPads.
  8. Lobby Signature Capture feature was letting users log in to the lobby even after removing the signature and proceeding. Validation has now been added.

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