Release Note Version 3.7

Posted on: 2/17/2020 1:15:19 PM
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Lobby Enhancement: A new flag has been implemented under Settings > Step 7 to show or hide account balance, PPH balance and payment icon for parent login in the Lobby.

Monthly Subsidy Report: Monthly Subsidy Report will show only the children who have subsidy and the children are grouped based on the subsidies. The speed issue also has been resolved.

Journal: In the Drop-in Page, a link to the Journal has been implemented. Right-click on the child's name and the click on Journal, it will open the Journal with the selected child.

Daily Cash Drawer Report: This report will show children's records based on their sites.

Bug Fixes

Slot Scheduler: The time slots will be shown based on Center Opening and Closing time and children not showing under children's search box issue has been resolved.

Journal: The steps for choosing a template have been made easier. 

Meal Roll Call Report: Formatting error has been resolved.

Daily Cash Drawer Report: Formatting issues with the width of the remark column and header information have been fixed.

Meal Count Actual Served Report: Data issue has been resolved.

Ledger: Type of Activity formatting issue has been resolved.

Smart Search: issue with Program Type issue has been resolved.

Rate Chart: Formatting of the period column has been increased.


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