GETTING STARTED GUIDE: How to get started with iCare?

Posted on: 3/25/2016 2:27:23 PM
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To get started, please follow these instructions to create and customize your personal iCare account;

  1. After finishing the Sign-up process, you will receive a conformation mail from iCare, please read the instructions carefully.
  2. Now you may log in to your iCare account using your Login Credentials;
  3. Once you log in, you’ll be directed to Getting Started page, here you need to customize your account;

Getting started is a simple 7 step process, Please follow these instructions carefully,

STEP - 1: - Basic Setup

a) Here, you enter and edit your initial information like Center Info, Contact Info, and Operation Info.

b) Enter or edit information and click Save.

c) Click Next to proceed.

STEP - 2: - Manage Rooms

a) Rooms are Age-Based categories of children in an Education Center.

b) In this Step, you may either select default Rooms from our database or create your own custom Rooms.

c) To add a new room, click on Add New and enter the details of the new Room, click the tick mark to save Room,

STEP - 3: - Create Programs/Classes

a) In this step, you may create your own Programs/Classes and add them to the database,%u200B

b) To add a new Program/Class you click the Add New button, enter details and click Save,

STEP - 4: - Add Family & Staff

a) Here, you may send multiple invites to, family members of children and to staff, or you may import or add data manually,

b) Click Next to proceed.

STEP - 5: - Enroll Children & Staff

a) You may now, see the Summary of enrolled Children and Staff in different Program/Classes,

b) At this step, you may not be able to edit the Program/Class field. To edit, you need to finish the 7 step process.

STEP - 6: - Setup Payments

a) To setup Payment Account, click on the Payment Processing Merchant Account link your screen,

b) Enter the Payment details and click Save,

STEP - 7: - Setup iCare Lobby

a) In this final step, please note down the login credentials to access iCare Lobby,

b) You may access the iCare Lobby using the following link

c) Click on the link under the heading Door Security to see the instructions to install iCare Door Switch.

d) Click Complete to finish.


4. Congratulations, your iCare account is setup with all the necessary information, if you wish to make changes or update new information, go ahead and access your account.

5. We wish you a happy and feasible user experience.

6. If you have any suggestions/questions, please contact us at


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