How the teacher will get a notification when the child check-in through the mobile app?

Posted on: 3/29/2023 7:22:43 AM
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The teacher will receive a notification on their mobile when a parent check-in their child through the mobile app if the check-in notification feature is enabled. 

To enable the check-in notification feature:

Admin has the right to enable the check-in notification feature under Settings.

Navigate to Settings and click the Advance Settings button on the right corner of the page.

Tap on the Alerts option, at the bottom of the page you can see Child’s arrival announcement checkboxes and enable the SMS checkbox (SMS notification).

How it works:

Once the SMS checkbox is enabled, when a parent check-in the children through the mobile/parent app, the teacher of the same Room or Program/class will get the check-in notification of the child's attendance on their mobile.

This way, the teacher can keep track of the attendance of their students and ensure their safety.



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