Can you set It up for inquiries to prompt you through the software? For example, they go to our webpage and fill out an I’m interested form. Can it be sent to the software as a notification?

Posted on: 2/17/2021 1:43:31 PM
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There are 2 possibilites:

  1. A simple Contact Form on your website
  2. Self-Registration by parents

Contact Form

If you don't have a website administration, please contact us. We'll add a Contact Form on your website.

Self-Registration by Parents

Yes, iCare will do that. We have a feature called self-registration by parents. Here is the outline for it:
  • You'll insert a simple one-line code snippet in your website. It will create a 'Self Registration' button.
  • Parents will click on that button and finish the steps to enter their registration data.
    • For this step, you can also add documents and other registration data you want them to complete.
    • If required, you can also automatically collect a registration fee in this step.
    • Parents will also select the site in which they want to register.
  • In Settings, you can choose whether to activate the new children automatically or put them on hold for your staff to decide whether to activate them.
  • You will know about the new entrants via screen notification and email.

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