How does Discount Type in the Default Bills work?

Posted on: 5/31/2019 12:31:23 AM
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Special discounts for siblings, members, etc. can be setup from the Program/Class (PCs) details page.

  • Discount Types are attached to various programs/classes under Default Bills.
  • Discount Types are added from the Rate-chart Setup page. Discount Type drop-down on PC page shows all rate names that have at least 1 row of non-zero discount.
  • Discounts are added to the Billing Grid of the children that are enrolled in these PCs as per the rate-chart setup.

To Create Discount Type

  1. Navigate to the Rate-chart Setup page form Step-6 >> Settings and add a rate name using the + icon.
  2. Select the factors that will affect the discounts as per your requirements.
  3. Click Add New Row button to add a row in the grid and setup the rates. Set the discount under Discount column.
    NOTE: Rates with a non-zero Discount will only appear in the Discount Type drop-down list on Program/Class details page.

Click here to know more about rate-chart setup in iCare.

To set Discount Type under Default Bills

  1. Navigate to the add PC form or PC details page, and select the rate name from the Discount Type drop-down.
  2. The selected Discount Type will be added to the Billing Grid of the enrolled children as per the rate-chart setup.

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