How to view the Live Teacher-child Ratio (attendance) in iCare?

Posted on: 5/3/2019 3:43:51 AM
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Live Teacher-Child Ratio shows live ratio of the number of teachers to children checked-in at any time.

Live Teacher-Child Ratio is accessible from Universal Toolbar, Drop-in, and Attendance page.

To access the Live Teacher-child Ratio, log in to your account and,

  1. Click the live ratio shortcut icon from the universal toolbar. Or, click the live ratio shortcut icon on Drop-in and Attendance page.

  1. Live Teacher : Child Ratio will appear in a pop-up. Following colors represents the relation between Live Ratio and Required Ratio;
    RED: Live Ratio is greater than Required Ratio
    GREEN: Live Ratio is less than 75% of the Required Ratio.
    SKY BLUE: Live Ratio is greater than 75% of Required Ratio.

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